Assured Learning Centre (ALC) is the administrative arm of the Assured Learning Network.  ALC offers courses to help members of the general public, as well as members of the Christian community, grow and develop.

In light of the above, ALC helps persons with exam preparation for exams at the Primary and Secondary levels. As far as tertiary level work is concerned, ALC does not really prepare persons for any tertiary exam, per se. Rather, it prepares high school students for university by offering a course that leads to an Associate Degree in General Studies.

ALC is based in Kingston, but offers classes (one-on-one and/or small group) via Assured Learning Express.  Currently there are two ALEXes operating (under the radar, sort of) in Portmore and Greater Portmore.  Steps are being taken, however, to establish at least one ALEX in each parish within two years … and for all of ALC’s courses to be offered online eventually. The virtual school is currently under construction, but interested persons may get an idea of what’s in store by going to